Conducted by Felin Frost

Today I bring you a different in-depth interview. Let’s enter the world of Davide Pulito, CEO of THE METALLIST PR company, dedicated to promote metal and rock bands with online press PR, YouTube marketing, Spotify playlists pitching, and customized marketing solutions.
Davide will tell us a little about the early years of his career, how his company was formed and much more! Enjoy!

Hi, Davide; it’s a pleasure to have this conversation with you and reveal a little more about your persona and performance in the metal field!
Let’s start with your foray into music; more precisely, when did you start? Before joining the band Revolutio, what was going on in your “alternative” life?

Hi Felin, first of all thank you so much for this opportunity, it’s a real pleasure. I started listening to metal music when I was in high school; I listened to a couple of Metallica songs on tape, then a friend of mine introduced me to prog and melodic death metal. Before founding Revolutio, I founded a thrash metal band, a cover band of Evanescence, and many other projects. I have always been “allergic” to entering a band that needed to replace the drummer; I always preferred to do something brand-new, to create something with my hands.

That’s pretty Interesting, tell us more about the band’s formation. What was the inspiration? Who was the mastermind? What is the importance of each band’s members and in the lives of each of you?

Revolutio’s music was very particular. The focus was on the groove research, and every song required a long period of refinement till it didn’t have an internal flow of emotions. The songwriting was challenging, but nice. I was the mastermind, together with the vocalist Maurizio Di Timoteo. He dealt more with the songwriting, while I was more responsible for business and PR aspects. When you keep to your band, members become part of your life. Revolutio was a band made of friends first of all; some of them were more active than others, but we always solved problems and kept going in the name of our music and friendship.

Revolutio was a post-apocalyptic alternative metal band. Unveil this mystery for us. What is the meaning of this extreme metal subgenre?

Basically we played alternative metal with post-apocalyptic themes, so we talked about the crisis of values, the loss of humanity, and, therefore, what was leading to the end of the world. We also had special clothes, and each of us had a special character that personified one value or moral quality.

Now that you’ve touched on the point about value crisis and loss of humanity, I must address these topics nowadays. I see aspects and attitudes running to an end without control. What is your view on this current moment that we are experiencing?

I feel the same. The world is approaching the end, and this process became even faster with the Pandemic and the war in Ukraine. The problem is that politicians have solutions to improve our environment and society, but they don’t want to use them, so I think that things may change only if people will do a violent revolution. Otherwise it’ll be too late.

During this period that the band was active, were you involved in gigs or dedicated to the first EP, Lead the Way/The Old Days Remastered?

We worked hard to shape our sound, so we always were in the rehearsal room, or at the computer to work on tracks. We didn’t play many gigs, just a few of them, because we firstly wanted to create our own sound.

I see, nice, now tell us more about Vagrant, the full-length, the theme, the concept behind the song and the message you wanted to convey with this release.

Vagrant was about our own trip in life. What we feel, learn, how we can be a better person. The vagrant character seemed to us the best way to represent our concept. We are vagrants in our life, roaming in a desolated landscape, looking for ourselves.

You previously commented that each of you had a particular outfit, I wondered what yours would be and the character you embodied. Could we also say that this character represented one of your personality facets?

I was a character roaming in deserted cities, fighting to survive with naked hands. I think it well represents my personality. I never give up, and I always fight to let my voice be heard.

Now let’s talk about the label in that days. How was working with Inverse Records? Did you have any extra work to do with the label? Maybe a full-length second?

The experience was totally bad. The press releases were not written by them, but by us. They made huge mistakes with the CDs they delivered to us. The PR was so poor that I started doing it by myself, in order to get some results during the promotion campaign. This experience taught me a lot, and when I founded The Metallist, I did it also because I didn’t want to see bands getting the same treatment I had with my band.

Bad to know. I wonder how many bands go through this problem…

In 2021, unfortunately, or not, the world has changed. The split-up band too. What is the reason? Was there no more point in keeping the band? Do you still intend to return, or have you found something different?

Some members were complaining that we were not playing gigs, but at the same time they didn’t want to spend time preparing a good show. Then the Pandemic arrived and it pushed us away. Two members left the band in 2020. I found new guys, but the magic got lost. In the meantime PR became very important for me, and I dismantled the band. Me and the vocalist didn’t want everything on our shoulders, and that’s what exactly happened. It was the time to make it over, and it was nice till it lasted. I don’t have regrets, I gave to Revolutio all myself. Me and the vocalist are good friends and we started a duo recently. We are working on a first track, but time at disposal is not much. Honestly creating music is not a priority for me in this moment. I like it to be part of my life, and I do it when I can.

Great to see you started a new project! Tell me more about it.

As said it’s a duo with my great friend Maurizio. In comparison with Revolutio, we want to experiment more in terms of sound, so I would like to add more progressive fills, but at the same time keep everything easy to listen, and melodic. Maurizio also plays guitar, and he has a studio in his house, so the idea is to do most of the process by ourselves, and use external people just for mixing and mastering.

I wish you success in this new musical endeavour and that you find time to reconcile everything! Youchanged your life in 2021 too. How was the transition from a traditional job, so to speak, to the one you are developing now?

The transition was not so shocking as one may imagine, because I was already doing PR as a hobby for one year. The main challenge was passing from promoting 3-4 bands to 10 per month. At the beginning I was also scared of not earning enough for my family, but the business always went better, so this fear faded just after a few months. Anyway I have never been scared of doing the big “jump”. Bands told me I was good at this job. They liked that I was informal, but also precise and efficient. This gave me a lot of courage. At the time that The Metallist was officially created, I had already promoted approx. 40 bands and I was already collaborating with some labels.

How many bands and record labels do you currently work with? This is not an easy job. How does Davide go out of his way to take care of all the questions that involve PR exquisitely?

I promoted nearly 120 bands and currently I work with 6 labels. The most important thing is to be very well organized, so to know what to do and when. I like not to saturate my working day, so I keep time for my commitments and some other time to let my creative spirit flow (so I can look for new media contacts, update the website, etc..). I also use the Hearthemusic platform to submit promos, and this made my work much easier.

Tell us more about the services that The Metallist offers and what it is like, that is, each one of them. Give me details.

The Metallist mainly deals with online press PR (press releases, reviews, interviews, radio plugging, premieres), Spotify third-party playlists pitching, and Google Ads campaigns to boost videos on YouTube. Currently I’m working to add the new service of YouTube marketing, so to provide reaction videos, or covers made by people on YouTube. From time to time I am asked to look for a label deal, create a new website, or do social media marketing.

Which metal bands look for the company the most, and how do you get in touch with these bands?

Mainly underground bands look for us, but the trend is changing because I’m more and more contacted by people that have important musicians as guests in their new albums. My website is at first position in Google by searching “metal PR agency”, so I am mainly contacted via website form. I am very careful to do my best for each band, and I have had several situations where my reference havs been given from one band to another one. That makes me very very happy.

Is The Metallist dedicated to bands worldwide or just European? And … What are the most significant difficulties that arise during a band promotion? How is the reception by the media?

Absolutely worldwide. Metal music is a worldwide phenomenon now, so I’m used to promote bands from any country. The most important difficulty is to make bands aware that PR is variable for its nature. If a band pays a “x” amount, it doesn’t mean that a fixed number of reviews will come. What is important is to give enough time to the media for getting, listening, and reviewing a record. Results come, but bands should be less anxious and have reasonable expectations. The reception by the media is usually very good. They know that The Metallist always promotes bands of good quality, so we are very well considered.

Have you ever thought about opening your own record label? What would be the challenges?

I am often asked about opening my own label, but it’s not the right time to think about it. Passing from a PR agency, for which you work from home with a laptop, to a label, where you must deal with pressing plants, warehouses for records, legal aspects, etc.. is a big jump. Anyway never say never. I’m becoming a huge fan of vinyls, so maybe I’d focus the label on distributing vinyls only. Surely I’d be more interested in creating a booking agency, where I feel that the competition would be less, and it’d be easier to have satisfactions and revenues. Let’s see what happens 🙂

Shortly, what are you planning for The Metallist? New collaborators, different ideas, etc.?

Shortly I will announce my first collaborator. He’s a very skilled guy and he helps me with press releases. As said earlier, I’m working on YouTube marketing and, after that, I’ll take care of Spotify podcasts. The working load is increasing a lot, so probably I’ll need more collaborators in the future.

I heard you speak 5 languages; this astonished me. How did this happen? What is your academic background, and how did this interest in mastering so many languages arise?

Well I always spoke foreign languages. At the high school I studied 3 languages (English, German and Russian) and I studied the same ones at the University of Bologna, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures. My wife is Polish so, after going 30 times to Poland, I learned Polish too! Years ago I also studied French for business purposes. For me studying new languages is very easy, I really love it.

Have you lived in other countries or only in Italy? If yes, how were these experiences?

I lived and studied in Prince Edward Island, Canada. I won a scholarship, financed by the Canadian government and by an exchange program. It was very tough. I lived at -30 degrees for four months, eating hamburgers and chips almost every day. Anyway it was great. I attended brilliant courses and I learnt how to rely on myself. It was a very formative experience.

How is Davide in his daily life? Besides music, what are your other interests?

I wake up at 7am and have breakfast with my daughters. When they go to school, I work till noon. After a small lunch, I go out for a walk in the countryside, then come back to work until 7pm. Besides music I like playing video games, reading and, of course, staying with my family.

Personally, what are your dreams, and how do you work to achieve them? Is there any secret motivation behind all this and especially your success?

One day I’d like to see The Metallist with a staff of 6-7 people, promoting underground and huge bands, providing complex campaigns that not only help to get more visibility, but also to get more sales. Anyway I wouldn’t call it a “dream”, but more a project that I already started to put on the right track, and it will just need time to be completed.

Davide, was real pleasurable our conversation! Now, I leave a space for you to say what you want here. The word is yours!

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Thank you!